“Earl Fee, he of the world records in long sprints, middle distance and hurdles?is a gentleman and a scholar. His two editions of The Complete Guide to Running : How to be a Champion from 9 to 90 were wonderful. One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way, his new masterpiece,  a keeper, distills years of study. Highly recommended for more than just the chapter on Tantric Sex. “

Ken Stone
webmaster for

“Masters runners are not only familiar with Earl Fee’s accomplishments on the track, but also his great books on runners training. He has another great book out about how to live well─ called, 100 Years Young the Natural Way, Body, Mind, Spirit Training . The methods in the book have contributed to his vitality and continued success on the track.” “I really like it!”

Randy Sturgeon
publisher /managing editor of National [U.S.] Masters [Track and Field ] News

“To write a review for the book written by a world champion as Earl Fee is a daunting task. There are many aspects to the book which are valuable for many runners. This book must be the work of many years. Throughout one discovers the conviction of his beliefs; the courage to say what he knows is right; the comprehensive research, the assurance of many years of experience and most of all the passion of a runner who has seen and experienced it all. It feels good to be able to prepare for next year’s competitions with new knowledge, or to stay even despite the slow degradation of the body. The parts which really apply to my training or health I add to my daily routines or mark to reread. I read the section on Mental Health, Positive thinking and Expectation with great interest because it is an important factor in my life and preparation for my running and health. Any runner or persons interested in staying healthy will benefit greatly by reading this well written comprehensive book. “

Helena Visser
World record indoor and outdoor mile, age group 75-79. Two gold medals World Masters Athletic Championships 2011, Sacramento CA. Canadian Masters Athletics Hall of Fame.

“Thank you for such an informative book. Just like your running accomplishments, your books are top shelf material.”

Sid Howard
Former world record holder: 800 meter, age group 60-64; sprint medley relay, 50-59. Current world record holder for 4x 400 meter relay, 60-69. Current U.S. national holder indoors: 800 meter, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74; and 1500 meter, 65-69.

“This masterpiece is indeed a treasure to behold for everybody, the athlete and the beginner. Earl is extremely knowledgeable about athletics and the components. I wish Earl many more healthy years, till he is 121, because I am hoping for 120.”

Olga Kotelko
At age 92 she holds 19 world records in her age group 90-95. “One of the world’s greatest athletes.”

“Oh my gosh! Such a good book and written in a simple language. I never knew of these many anti-aging health tips and methods.

Nadira Usmani

“Amazing book.” “One of a kind.” “It is my favorite bedtime reading. “

Some early comments

This book is to help everyone achieve ageless aging in a higher quality life?and it delivers. The writing is concise and well-researched. It is jam packed with tips and advice to improve life as one ages and it is well-researched with lots of references. It is a little dry, although Mr. Fee has attempted to inject a little humor throughout. The book could have benefited from a few more photos and graphs. Mr. Fee walks the talk. He is active and a healthy octogenarian with a variety of interests and seems well on his way to reaching the century mark on his own terms.“ 

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“While your first two books [on running/fitness] provided a lot of technical and practical information and advice, this book expands to include the mind and spirit/spirituality. It provides good advice on how to achieve an all  encompassing, healthy lifestyle. It certainly helped me in getting 5 World records at the recent [February, 2012] indoor meet in Kamloops [BC Canada].”

Christa Bortignon
Six world indoor records in age group 75 to 79 in 60m, 60m hurdles, 200m, triple jump, 4x200m relay and pentathlon, all in 2012, and countless Canadian records in track and field.

Earl Fee is one  of the best atheltes for his age in the world. He got there not only by talent, but by taking a very scientific approach to performance. He has read broadly in a very detailed  manner and incorporated everything  from philosophy, psychology, nutrition, athletic -specific training techniques, and more into an integrated appprach to athletics and life.  I know him and he practises what he preaches. This is a worthwhile overview of cutting edge knowledge for a full, active life. I recommend  it.

Carroll De Weese
Idependent Professwional Sports. Certified US national track and field coach for decades, and past accomplished runner and steplechaser. See other Carroll De Weese book reviews.
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