Based on seven years as a member of Toastmasters International Earl has given hundreds of speeches and many motivational speeches to running and triathlete clubs, running symposiums, and to retirees: on running training (e.g., to children or adult athletes), general fitness, and longevity. Some of these were serious/ informative and some humorous and entertaining (e.g., roasting of retirees) or a mixture of both. On one occasion I was the entertainment at a wedding. On another occasion I was asked to speak at a church.

A speech could cover several topics .i.e, based on a combination of chapters in my two running books or a combination of chapters in this anti-aging book.

The fee is negotiable depending on the length of the speech and travel arrangements, etc. If the topic has been covered before the price is reduced. But In many cases speeches are given with the sole purpose of marketing and promoting the book, or as a spiritual gesture.