The following are just a few book reviews for The Complete Guide To Running as it was released just prior to this new website preparation.

“The Complete Guide to Running is absolutely terrific, contents superb and the colour coded sections unique. It should be a big seller. I’m very honoured to be a contributor.”
- Payton Jordan, 1968 U.S.A. Olympic head track and field coach. See Champions for Life by Scott and Ward for the story of Payton and his great athletes.

“It looks wonderful: high quality printing, and the colour coded pages for the different chapters. I’ve never read a book with so much information in a tight bundle. It certainly is true, this is The Complete Guide To Running.”
- Helly Visser, master distance runner,
she has numerous Canadian records and in 2005 a world record for 3000m

“The first edition was a gem for guiding and assisting our coaching and running programs. This new book has the gem cut and polished to perfection. Creative ideas, pragmatic research, personal knowledge, wisdom, love, logical layout, colours, weight and quality.”
- Roger Davies, coach and master middle distance runner
Canadian record holder for age group 65-69 mile

“The Complete Guide to Running is exactly that—a guide for any runner from young to master, from beginner to champion, from sprinter to marathoner. I’ve used Earl’s suggestions in working with elementary school runners as a teacher/coach and in my training as a masters sprinter (100, 200 and 400 metres) Especially valuable to many will be will be the information on dynamic warm-up and cross training, using activities such as deep water running, plyometrics, weight training, trampoline, etc. I also appreciate the blend of information from extensive research and Earl’s personal experience.”
- Karla Del Grande, master sprinter
she has many Canadian records and a world record as of 2004

The following are some of the book reviews for the 1st edition book. These are still applicable since the 2nd edition book is an updated 1st edition.

"All health enthusiasts, coaches, athletic trainers, parents of young athletes, and especially runners from beginner to elite will benefit from this in-depth book. The special emphasis on nutrition, mental training and inspiration (in addition to the physical training) will be of interest to athletes of all ages.
     Techniques in this book can make you faster, stronger, more flexible, and overall a healthier athlete to make you conquer your inner-self, to give you the "winning edge", and to make you a champion. With body, mind, and spirit each fully used and all in harmony, the body can be stretched to higher and sometimes surprising performance. This book will do just that while you engage in the serious play of athletic excellence.
     I know of no other body of work on this subject that is so inclusive and practical. It is absolutely outstanding."
- Payton Jordan, Head Track Coach Stanford University 1957-1979. 1968 U.S. Olympic Head Track and Field Coach

"Here it is, from sole to soul, a most thorough compendium of essential body, mind, spirit training for all fitness and sports enthusiasts, especially runners. Earl is truly a man of vast knowledge coupled with world-class experience."
- Jerry Lynch, Ph. D., Sports Psychologist
Author of "Thinking Body, Dancing Mind" and "Running Within"

"I have an extensive library on running publications. I can honestly say this is one of the best books around. If I was to keep one running book only, it would be yours."
- Barry Almond, USA Master Runner

"One can search the web or the libraries of the country and not be exposed to the wealth that's in Earl Fee's book. It's just a marvelous distillation of the best and brightest wisdom on track at the moment along with personal insight gleaned in this marvelous master's career."
- Ken Stone, USA Webmaster for

"Not since Tim Noakes Lore of Running have I encountered such a comprehensive tome on our sport."
- John Remington, Book Review in Ontario Road Runner

“Simply marvellous book.” ”Excellent.” “Awesome tome.” “Unbelievably comprehensive and thorough on wide variety of health aspects.” “Excellent for people in general and for coaches and athletes in particular.” “Consolidates and builds on the lore of running. Easy to follow and easy to apply.” “A great piece of work.” “Can’t put it down.” “I collect books on running and this is my favourite.” “The $20US investment will be the very best money ever spent on a track item.” “In the same league as Jack Daniels' book.”
- Miscellaneous comments from many satisfied readers.

“Earl’s Book provides for me a comprehensive grasp of the research and technical literature on all aspects of training for sprints to marathon; plus the insights and experience gained from a highly successful career as a competitor.”
- Diane Palmason, master runner/coach,
she has held numerous world records in sprints to marathon