Earl Fee

years young
the natural way
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This 660 page book in 37 chapters describes natural methods and preventative maintenance to achieve a high quality longer life. The information is backed up by many relevant research studies.

The book is not an autobiography, but reveals some of the author’s lifestyle habits and training secrets in breaking 54 world records in running and hurdling in the last 25 years. This success also lends credibility to the natural methods in the book.

The complete
to running

A step by step guide, color coded 22 chapters, with 50 colored photos. Schedules are detailed for sprinting, middle and long distance, and marathon. Some say it’s the best running book out there. Published by Meyer and Meyer Sports, April 2005.


“I know of no other body of work on this subject that is so inclusive and practical. It is absolutely outstanding.”

Payton Jordan Head Track Coach Stanford U., 1957-1979, 1968 U.S. Olympic Track Coach.